About Us

Almost 100 years ago Local 292 was formed as a brotherhood that respected a hard day’s work and demanded that hard work be respected with a fair wage. It is with that mission that we have been part of the growth and expansion of these communities we call home. Whether it’s a hospital, a factory, a bridge, or a University building, Local 292 takes pride in the quality and safety of each place we build. We expect the best from ourselves and our members. It is with that legacy from our past that we look to vault our brotherhood into the future.

Although our dedication and determination are the same as they were at our founding, the world we find ourselves in is not. New economic challenges and a new political climate make it more important than ever that we are able to adapt to those situations. We don’t need to look far to see how we expand on the wages and rights we have earned.  We see our achievements when we travel down highways and when we walk our towns. Together we will continue to make this place we call home better, safer, and more prosperous. Together we can continue to make this community a place where a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s wage. We can’t do this without all of you.  If this is what you believe there is no reason to keep looking and traveling, you are already home.